We stay true to our ethos by putting Pubumésu’s story and craft above passing trends. Our products evolve in-line with our inspirations, bringing you with us on a journey from imagination to portable culture

Founded in 2011 by Putri Soediono, an Indonesian, Singapore raised, London Cordwainer’s graduate. It was her need to express her own cultural roots that created the foundations to what Pubumésu would become. 

"Pubumésu was created as as a vehicle to make a difference in fashion and in the world. We wanted to show people that you can find a balance between your roots (the past), and the modern world today. What you wear doesn’t have to be driven by today’s fleeting trends when you can make an individual statement of your own."  

- Putri Soediono

Every cut, stitch and treatment is conducted in our workshops based in Central Java, Indonesia. Our team of classically skilled craftsmen and women are dedicated to the art of their leather craft

We use leather from cattle locally sourced on the island of Java, Indonesia. Our carefully selected hides are treated by the team to give our signature, distressed look for that little edge of punk. The outcome, an entirely handcrafted leather accessory - your own bit of portable culture.

We may be small by design but our imagination is never limited by our size. We strive to support village industry, encouraging generations of craftsmanship to be handed down by bringing traditional craft products and processes into the now